At Postal Impact we know that you want to grow your real estate investing business. The only problem is find motivated sellers can be difficult. Often your marketing is inconsistent and doesn’t produce the results you need. When it does produce results you don’t really know why. 

You should be dominating your market, not guessing at what postcard to try next.

We get it. After years of inconsistent results and not understanding why some marketing worked and others didn’t, we decided to fix the system once and for all. Today we work with some of the biggest real estate investors in the nation. This  gives us insight into exactly what works in each unique market. 

We don’t guess, we have data. 

Here’s how we do it. First, we study your current direct mail marketing. Next we identify strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we use data to target high value leads (and we’re really good at it.) We handle everything. 

Postal Impact isn’t for everyone but if you are a serious real estate investor looking to grow, apply now at While you’re there, be sure to download your free copy of “The Probate Book” by Christina Krause. Stop wasting time and guessing at what marketing will work for you and start feeling confident by generating quality, data-driven leads.